Have you struggled to replicate your infomercial success online?

Well, we can transplant your proven commercials onto the web

Don’t reinvent the wheel when you’ve found a winning formula

We know you’ve honed your infomercial skills over many years. You’ve written winning scripts, built out the infrastructure and created a successful business as a result.

So it must be frustrating when online publishers demand you abandon these elements.

Until now online has meant static images and text-focused product pages. It’s no surprise that many DRTV companies avoid online ads since there’s a risk they’ll just waste money.

So, we’re here to let you use what already works.


Same great infomercial, new online audience

We can help you squeeze more life out of your winning ads. Unlike other online ad networks who restrict videos, we can transplant your TV ad directly.

The Online Infomercial Service will show your 30s infomercial to new audiences. We can use your proven video with minimal formatting tweaks to maximise the odds your ad performs. These can be used to:

Recapture lost visitors - Remarket with the same advert they saw on TV and maintain that familiarity.

Discover new markets - With demographic targeting we can show your infomercial to untapped markets.

Use your existing sales infrastructure

We don’t want you to build new payment methods or other unneeded expenses.

That’s why our video ads use your existing call centres. After watching an advert, you can give them one of two options

Click to call

They’ll get a call button on their phone where clicking it puts them straight through to your usual infomercial call centre, replicating the TV experience.

Click to view more

We can send visitors to asales page or a full 60min infomercial. From there, again they can phone your usual call centre or submit an online payment.

Either way, they will go through your tried and tested sales methods.

All these features for the same low price

The Online Infomercial Service can display on thousands of partnered websites. They show in the usual display ad slots like visitors are used to seeing.

Original URL: www.onesmartpenny.com

They’re published on the same cost per view basis as image-only ads, from $0.80 to $5.70 CPM. These views can be targeted, either by details such as ZIP-code, or using your remarketing lists.

For this we require a 30s MP4, sized to either 300x250 or 300x600 pixels. Otherwise, the content of the video can remain unchanged.

So it’s the same bucks as a traditional display ad, but with a whole lot more bang.

A new world of ads, with the same proven videos

Check out one of our sample online infomercials below.

Unlike other methods such as banner ads, they should feel familiar to you. Our goal is to replicate what works just with the tweaks needed for the online format

Text box
Left aligned

Text box
Left aligned

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These can be used on popular websites such as Fox News, Mail Online, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance - over 2 million websites, only shown when the visitor matches our chosen criteria.

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