Proprietary Bidder
And OpenRTB integration

Enterprise Solution

RTBcat enjoys direct integrations with the largest suppliers of inventory, Google AdX, AOL, Microsoft, among many others.

Our proprietary bidder provides:

We have dubbed this a "cognitive bidder", because of its use of both supervised and un-supervised ML and target at an individual cookie-level.

You can choose from using our deep-learning & neural nets, or bring-your-own (and keep your data in-house).

The usual trade-off between accuracy & speed in ML is significantly improved in this next-generation of bidders. Because our tech has much a leaner set-up, we are able to process much more data in real-time. It's not always essential, but when it is, it can make a big difference to performance and efficiency.

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Custom-built neural networks designed to solve Campaign management problems

Ever felt like your brain just couldn't handle all the potential pivots that a campaign could or should do?

Ever felt bad about the missed opportunities that you see in your excel?

If only you had more hands, and infinite time to build individual day-parting campaigns, Carrier-specific campaigns, banner-specific campaigns ...?

And all the while collect all of this data on individual impressions and visitors - to then accurately (re-)target?

That is what our a.i. gives you.

You can now deploy a "mind" that gives you the ability to "be everywhere" and "optimise everything". This is an extremely powerful a.i that gives the experienced campaign manager hundreds of 'sub-brains'.

On-premise ai

Need to keep your data secure, private and in-house? Use our ai on top of your on-premise CRM/1st party data.

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